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Become A Volunteer:

Running an organization of this size and caliber takes a lot of time, talent, and energy.

With the exception of the Music Directors, ECO Concertmaster, ECC Accompanist, and a marketing contractor, we are all volunteers.

There are many volunteer opportunities for our members, families, & friends to help ECOC be successful and accomplish our mission. Some of our volunteer opportunities are

  • Helping to layout refreshments
  • Stage set-up and tear-down
  • Decorate the stage, entryway, and refreshment tables
  • Collect raffle donations
  • Assist with various fundraisers throughout the year

Please look at the online volunteer list or talk to the volunteer coordinator to sign up when and where you can.

If you have family or friends who would love to share their time and talents with ECOC, let us know!

Setting-up Refreshments for after the performance