High School Scholarships

To express gratitude for a local young musician’s dedication to their craft and to their local musical community, ECOC offers a $500 scholarship to one or more qualified graduating high school senior each spring in order to encourage their continuance in pursuit of professional education and artistic fulfillment.

The scholarship is given to students based on their participation in the ECOC, involvement in community or school music programs, and musical community service. 

2022 Scholarship Winner:

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2021 Scholarship Winners:

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Andrew Munoz and Allyson Sawyer with ECOC President, Sara Maisey

Andrew Munoz:

Andrew has always loved music since he was young.  However, after playing the recorder in elementary school, he decided he didn’t enjoy playing an instrument.  In middle school he became “enthralled by singing in the choir with its complex harmonies.”  Subsequently, he auditioned for the jazz choir and learned “to sing the clashy chords of the jazz style.” Andrew’s love of singing blossomed during high school through his participation in several ensembles, honor choirs, and festivals.

He has participated in

  • MAT Camp (2018)
  • All-State Choir (2019-2020)
  • All-State Jazz Choir (2021)
  • All-Northwest Choir (2021)
  • Southwest District Festival (2018-2019, 2021)
  • Kinser Jazz Festival (2021)

He joined the ECOC in 2018 and has participated in 4 performances.

While at Evanston High School, Andrew sang in Chorale and Vocal Jazz 1.  After graduation, he plans to attend Western Wyoming Community College and then transfer to Weber State University.  He plans to join choir in college or participate in a community choir to continue to share his talents. 

Allyson Sawyer:

Allyson has always loved music and no matter what her feelings, she turns to music to express herself.  “If I’m having a good day, I do music. If I’m having a bad day, I do music.”  During high school she had many experiences to develop this power to express, not only as a violinist and a singer, but also through conducting. For two and a half years she has led the congregational singing in her church.  In high school orchestra she directed her fellow students at two different times, including for her senior project.  She asserts that “being able to help others express music in the same way that I like to is an incredible experience.”

She has participated in

  • Hats Off to Broadway (2014, 2015, 2018)
  • Southwest District Festival (2018-2019, 2021)

She joined the ECOC in 2017 and has participated in 5 performances.

While enrolled at Evanston High School, Allyson played in the orchestra and sang in choir. After graduation, she plans to study music education at the University of Wyoming and really hopes to stay in the state to teach.  Allyson wants to inspire those she teaches “to use music in a way like [hers] to help them in their everyday lives.”  Music is her passion and she “will never spend a day without it.”