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High School Scholarships

To express gratitude for a local young musician’s dedication to their craft and to their local musical community, ECOC offers a $500 scholarship to one or more qualified graduating high school senior each spring in order to encourage their continuance in pursuit of professional education and artistic fulfillment.

The scholarship is given to students based on their participation in the ECOC, involvement in community or school music programs, and musical community service.

Applications are available as a PDF to download and print or as a Google Doc with fillable fields.

2022 Scholarship Winner:

Music has been an important & influential part of Savanna‘s life.  As a small child, she loved to sing & dance.  There’s even a picture of her conducting along to a broadcast of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.  Music is in almost every aspect of Savanna’s day-to-day activities. 

2022 Scholarship Recipient Savanna Hatch with ECOC Board Members Maia Farrens & Rebeka McFaddenh
Savanna Hatch with Board Members Maia Farrens & Rebekah McFadden

Nearly all the ways she has found to express herself in some way include music.  Music and having the ability to create it have helped Savanna gain confidence, release emotions, and cope with difficult things in her life.

She has participated in

  • MAT Camp (2019)
  • All-State Choir (2021-22)
  • All-State Jazz Choir (2021-22)
  • Southwest District Festival (2019-22)
  • Kinser Jazz Festival (2020-22)
  • Honor Choir (2020, 2022)

She joined the ECOC in 2017 and has participated in 9 performances.  Having the opportunity to play with more advanced players has given Savanna the desire to continue playing.

While at Evanston High School, Savanna took several music classes and also participated in every school musical.  She was a member of the Classics (the high school dance team), which gave her another creative, musical outlet.  After graduation, Savanna plans to attend Utah State University.  She hopes to eventually be able to play with a professional group.