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Our Mission

Spreading Joy in our Community through Music

To Enrich Individuals & the Community by Cultivating Excitement Unity Artistry in Musical Performance

Core Values

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We welcome all who come to participate and appreciate diverse talents & contributions.

We come together in fellowship & unity.

We celebrate variety in music by programming for the enjoyment and growth of our members and audience.

We collaborate with other organizations to bring our music to the community.

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We practice honesty and transparency in all aspects of our organization.

We respect our directors, coordinators, and fellow members by arriving prepared and on time.

We bring our best selves to our work and combine our strengths to make us better together.

We ensure the sustainability of our organization through our individual contributions of time, talents, and means, and by building partnerships that benefit both the ECOC and the community.

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We encourage all participants to continually refine their musical talents.

We honor the music, the composers, and our fellow musicians by working towards our greatest artistic potential.

We present ourselves well in word, deed, and dress.

We share our energy and excitement with the audience through our best possible performances.