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ECC Handbook

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Print the ECC Member Handbook (or to read it as a pdf file).

Whether you are a returning member or joining us for the first time, we are delighted you have chosen to share
your time, talents, and musical excitement with us. We want you to experience the joy and artistry of music
making in an atmosphere that is positive, professional, and fun. This handbook contains the policies and
procedures that will guide your participation in the chorus. Contact your section leader or the chorus manager
if you have any questions or concerns.
Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm, usually at Davis Middle
School. Aim to be early! Refer to the website calendar for the complete
schedule. It is expected that you will attend as many rehearsals as possible,
since singing in a choir is a group experience. The success of the group is a
direct result of the level of personal preparation of each member as well as
the quality of the ensemble preparation. Understandably, you might occasionally have to be absent. Please
notify your section leader prior to your anticipated absence. Dress Rehearsal is mandatory for participation in
the concert. While the group rehearsal experience cannot be made up, you are expected to maximize your
personal preparation so that forward progress and momentum can be maintained at each rehearsal. You are
responsible for acquiring rehearsal information (pronunciation, dynamic markings, etc) from your section
leader. Practice help, such as listening links and practice tracks will be posted on the website. Additionally,
occasional sectionals may be arranged outside of rehearsal as needed. If you are going to be present at less
than 50% of rehearsals for the session, please contact the music director to confirm your ability to participate.
Checkout – A folder and music will be issued to you at the first rehearsal of the session if your dues have been
paid. If not, you may borrow music for the duration of the rehearsal only. By the end of the second rehearsal
you must pay dues to continue singing in the choir. You are financially responsible for your folder and music
and will be billed replacement cost for anything damaged or missing. Use only non-colored pencil to mark
your scores; highlighter, pen, colored pencil, and marker are not allowed. Take your folder home each week, as
we will not be storing it for you. You will need it to practice!
Return – Immediately following the final concert of each session, please place your folder, with music intact, in
the collection box in the choir room as directed. You will be assessed an automatic and non-waivable $15
service fee if any folder or music is not returned at that time. Shortly after the concert you will receive an
email with the itemization of replacement costs for any folder or music that is missing or damaged beyond
normal wear. After a specified two-week grace period, in which outstanding music should be turned in, bills
will be emailed to all members who still have overdue folders or music, or who turned in folders or music that
were damaged beyond normal wear. All members with charges on their account from previous sessions will
not be allowed to participate in future sessions until their account is paid in full.

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Dropoff Location – All late folders and music, as well as any old ECC music, should be turned in at rehearsal or,
when that is not an option, at Mountain Music (913 Main St.) in Evanston. Include your name and ECC.
Messiah Music – You are responsible to purchase your own Messiah score. Find out more about the preferred
edition on the website dedicated to the performance of Handel’s classic oratorio in Evanston:
Dues are collected from members before each session to help pay for music, the director, the accompanist,
marketing, and other expenses. You may pay for the entire year in the fall to receive a discount.
● Each fall or spring session – $25 Adults; $20 Students
● Both fall and spring sessions paid in the fall – $45 Adults; $35 Students
Payment options:
● Make checks payable to Evanston Civic Orchestra and Chorus or pay in cash.
● Pay by credit card at the ECOC online store.
A full refund will be given with a written request up until the day before a session
begins. Dues will not be refunded in any amount for any portion of a session due to non participation.
We want everyone to play, even if you are unable to pay dues. ​Talk to an ECOC Board Member to find out
how you can contribute meaningfully to the organization in other ways and still participate.
Running an organization of this size and caliber takes a lot of time, talent, and energy. With the exception of
the Music Directors, ECO Concertmaster, ECC Accompanist, and a marketing contractor, we are all volunteers.
There will be many volunteer opportunities for all our members to help ECOC be successful and accomplish
our mission. Please look at the online volunteer list or talk to the volunteer coordinator to sign up where you
are interested in helping. If you have family or friends who would love to share their time and talents with
ECOC, let us know!
Website: You will find details about rehearsals and concerts, ECC Music Director bio, announcements, and
more on the ECC Website –
Email: Most ECC business is transacted by email. Check your email at least weekly during the season.
Newsletter: Many general announcements about concert seasons, concert videos and photos, and other
exciting news will only be shared in the emailed newsletter. Subscribe now.
Announcements: When you miss a rehearsal it is your responsibility to check the website announcement page
and to contact your section leader for musical markings and other updates.
Section Leader: Phone: Email:
Questions: Check the announcement page first, even if you haven’t missed any emails or rehearsals. It is easy
to forget the details, and we want to limit repetitive announcements and questions during rehearsals.
Facebook: “Like” our ECOC FACEBOOK PAGE, and more importantly, share and comment. Taking action on
posts helps us maximize our publicity dollars; “likes” are important, but “shares” and “comments” are more
important in the algorithms that show the posts in news feeds and boost our paid posts.
YouTube: Subscribe to the ECC YouTube CHANNEL.
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Most rehearsals and performances will be held at one of the public schools in Evanston. The first choice for
rehearsals and performances is Davis Middle School. Occasionally a rehearsal or performance will be
scheduled at Evanston Middle School or Evanston High School, usually due to scheduling conflicts with the
school district. Refer to the website calendar for up-to-date schedules and locations.
Davis Middle School: 837 No Name St., Evanston
Evanston Middle School: 341 Summit St., Evanston
Evanston High School: 701 W. Cheyenne Dr., Evanston
Concerts are the culmination of our hard work,
so we dress our best and share the joy with
our audience.
Men: Dark suit (with jacket) and white shirt
with a conservative tie. Jewel tones are best.
Dress shoes.
Women: Black dress pants or skirt with jewel
tone top and dress shoes. Please no glittery, shiny, or sequined fabrics, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless tops.
Please no perfumes or strongly scented
deodorants, lotions, hairsprays, etc.
Occasionally a specific color scheme will be
recommended for a particular concert.
A Cappella Night dress is more casual: blue
jeans (non-holey) and a solid color top in a
style of your choice.
All members and supporters are invited to help in “spreading joy in our community” by donating or becoming a
sponsor. Membership dues account for only about 25% of the total ECOC budget for a complete season.
Donations and sponsorships from generous individuals and businesses are crucial to the long-term
sustainability of the ECOC.
Donations to ECOC: General donations are very much appreciated, in any amount. Please consider adding $5,
$10, or more to your dues payment at registration or at any time.
Donations to the ECOC High School Scholarship Fund: To support our high school youth who have actively
pursued their musical education and given musical service in the ECOC and community, consider donating
directly to this scholarship fund. A $500 scholarship will be awarded to one qualified high school senior each
spring. Donors who contribute $50 or more to this fund will be recognized in the concert programs. Any
amount is appreciated, even just $5 will help.
Sponsorship of ECOC: Sponsors are recognized on our websites, emails, newsletters, and concert programs.
See our SPONSORSHIP INFO PAGE to find out more about the perks associated with each level of
ECOC is a non profit under the umbrella of Uinta BOCES #1 Foundation, Inc. [501(c)(3)]. Talk to an ECOC Board
member to donate or sponsor with tax purposes in mind.
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ECOC Vision

Spreading joy in our community through music

ECOC Mission

To enrich individuals and the community by cultivating excitement, unity, and artistry in musical performance.

ECOC Core Values

● We welcome all who come to participate, and appreciate diverse talents and contributions.
● We come together in fellowship and unity.
● We celebrate variety in music by programming for the enjoyment and growth of our members and audience.
● We collaborate with other organizations to bring our music to the community.
● We practice honesty and transparency in all aspects of our organization.
● We respect our directors, coordinators, and fellow members by arriving prepared and on time.
● We bring our best selves to our work and combine our strengths to make us better together.
● We ensure the sustainability of our organization through our individual contributions of time, talents, and
means, and by building partnerships that benefit both the ECOC and the community.
● We encourage all participants to continually refine their musical talents.
● We honor the music, the composers, and our fellow musicians by working towards our greatest artistic
● We present ourselves well in word, deed, and dress.
● We share our energy and excitement with the audience through our best possible performances.